Hey, I’m Magi!
Creative Pet + Family Portrait Photography based in Houston Texas

It al l started with a point-and-shoot camera.
I was a senior in high school when my mom gifted me my first camera. It was nothing to write home about compared to today's camera, but that didn't matter . I took pictures of everything.

I saw my classmates reading a book in the library - SNAP!
I noticed flowers and leafage on a walk - SNAP!
I was feeling myself, turned the camera around, and - SNAP! 
I snapped thousand of photos during those few years, but i didn't think of it as a passion. It was just something I enjoyed doing.

By my early 20s, I lived and breathe photography. I started my professional photography journey in 2014 when I moved to Texas from florida. Soon after, I landed a job at a portrait studio.

My skills have grown over the years, thanks to attending workshops, befriending Houston's photography community, and my committed effort to photographing everything and anything. From taking portraits to event coverage to everyday life, and of course my favorite subject - dogs. 

My photographs have graced the pages of Swanky Magazine, and Hazl Magazine. In 2020, I launched Fetching Snapshots on a part-time basis. Two years later, Fetching Snapshots is my full-time profession. 

Fetching Snapshots has worked with some high touted pet facilities , adoption organization, and animal rescues such as Revival Dog Training, Peace Love Dogs, Animal Justice League, K9 Angels Animal Rescue, and Rescued Pet Movement. 

Truthfully, I am living the dream, whether it is a creative project coming to life or capturing a dog's smile and its pawrent's joy. Every camera snap reminds me that I'm doing what i love. 

My Journey 


Started my first photography job. I worked for a portrait company for several years before moving up the photography ladder via other job opportunities.


Met numerous local photographers in meet-ups and workshops that led to collaboration with different creators. 


Started photographing pets and managing social media for a pet facility. 


Fetching Snapshots is launched on a part-time basis. 


Built a client base and expanded my portfolio.


Fetching Snapshots launches full-time!